Healing the Spirit Classes

Healing through the creative arts for the non-artist

Enjoy relaxing, guided art workshops that bring calm, peace and joy. Monica is an expert at guiding the healing of the spirit through art and creativity.

Inspirational themes

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Regular classes, workshops, retreats and events are held throughout the year at:

• Spirit Matters Studio, Woodbury NJ

• Deptford Community Center, Westville NJ

• Online Workshops and Classes

Group classes can be arranged on request – get a group of friends or family together and I can organise something to suit.

Woodbury, New Jersey

Spirit Matters Studio, Woodbury, NJ

“A friendly, communal, calm class, a meditative and creative experience”
“It was fun, warm, uplifting, spiritual, creative”

The Wisdom Circle

Introducing The Wisdom Circle. My classes are collectively known as The Wisdom Circle where we gather together to explore and heal individually and as a community.

Would you like to grow your sense of sacred in your life, gain knowledge of your own spiritual strengths and inherent creative energy?

The Wisdom Circle has evolved since its founding five years ago.

The classes and gatherings are encounters that offer encouragement, to those who seek the sacred in everything and wish to experience the loving presence of the divine within.

You will learn how to recognize your own wisdom and ways to break open your untapped spiritual strengths and creativity.

Will it be all talk? Nope!

There’s something for everyone, inspiration, reflection, storytelling, sharing, creative adventure, remembering, releasing and healing the soul.

group in studio
“Monica provided insight and spiritual inspiration, the fun art project helped me open up my hidden creativity inside.”
“It’s a time to be inspired and come closer to your own spirituality.”

In these classes you will move towards freedom from a past distorted and limiting self-images of your sacred self, to acquire uplifting knowledge and inspiration so that you will gain more meaning and joy from daily life.

The Wisdom Circle classes teach you the keys to unlock inner wisdom & creativity to realize your soul’s full potential.

These workshops unearth ignored scriptures, female spiritual heroines, and more; connected women to explore together and nurture their spiritual journey towards the fulfillment of their own life’s purpose.

"Monica is someone who guides you through art to your own inner wisdom.”
"I was surprised how easily Monica’s classes helped me to focus on what I find important in my life and what gifts I have already developed and can now use to grow more creative ways to reach what I want and feel more peaceful getting there.”
Mary Frances Gambino, Masseuse, Mom, Grandmom
more peace more purpose

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