Monica's Art

Monica is an accomplished multi-media artist who is inspired by the spiritual. Her images articulate the unique aspects of the feminine spiritual journey, the unexplored inner-territory of the soul.

Monica Armstrong’s art is a celebration of the mystery and longing for true connection with the divine within. The images explore multiple themes with symbolic visual images, such as

• Fire: Transformation
• Water: Awakening of the Soul
• Wings: Freedom
• Roots: Faith and Family 
• Nature: Diversity and Creativity
• Women: Interior Life
• Wisdom; Sophia’s Gifts
• The Soul Is A Vessel


Monica earned a degree in Art Education from Moore College of Art, studied Painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, moved to Bucks County, Pa and worked with Jacques Fabert, Director Emeritus of Painting and Drawing at California School of Arts and Crafts, focused on figure painting.

She has created hundreds of artworks inspired by sacred texts which are exhibited regionally and nationally. A unique series of 25 handmade Prayer Vessels embody spiritual wisdom arising from the history of the Christian tradition. Each vessel is accompanied by a prayer collection and guides for reflection.

Original Paintings & Drawings

Original paintings in a variety of styles and sizes from life-sized to compact, created in a variety of mediums are available to purchase.

Contact Monica for pricing, shipping and handling information.

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Mandalas as Meditation


The Madonnas



Prints, in a variety of sizes, are available to purchase. 

 Contact Monica for price and shipping information.

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Prayer Vessels

This collection of handmade, sacred vessels represents diverse Christian expressions. Inspired by various sacred texts and writings, each vessel holds a gift of wisdom to be brought forward.  Created in a variety of mediums, each vessel is accompanied by a handmade prayer book. It is a creative approach to wisdom, rooted in Christian tradition.

Replicas of the vessels below can be ordered or you can commission a personal prayer vessel for special occasions. Each Prayer Vessel is made individually upon request. Contact Monica for price and shipping information.

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Pet Spirit Portraits

In their short lives, our pets shower us with the gift of unconditional love, total acceptance, comfort and laughter.

Spirit Portraits of these special family members, honor the importance of that loving relationship and celebrate the personality and inner beauty of your pet forever.

From your story and photos, I will create a portrait of your pet’s spirit. Keep the Spirit of your companion alive with a priceless experience of emotional and creative depth that celebrates the love you shared.

If you would be interested in commissioning a Pet Spirit Portrait for yourself or as a gift, please contact Monica for details and pricing.

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