Senior Serenity

What if you could help distressed seniors feel more peaceful, experience more happiness… today, and throughout the week?

Senior Serenity

Easing the distress of social isolation

Meditation, creativity, and attention to the spirit are proven ways to ease the distress of social isolation, anxiety depression and pain. Seniors can experience peace, positivity with pleasure. 

SENIOR SERENITY is an effective weekly program that builds inner resources, lightens the spirit and enlivens community connections for Seniors in Care Facilities.

Senior Serenity meets at the crossroads of spirit and art.

In this Program spiritual support, simple guided meditations and creative expression are intertwined for an experience that brings peace, positivity and pleasure.

Each weekly theme and creative activity is tailored to meet individual needs while working in a group.

* this program can be administered individually for acute situations when a group is not possible. Materials, handouts and video instruction can be provided.

“This program gives me a way to connect with others in class and afterwards. I love having a partner. We help each other continue the practice of positivity with our weekly theme.”
Eloise S
“It’s very helpful to have a positive direction for my thoughts for each week. I can look at my creation and remember the peaceful feeling and notice more things around me that give me happiness.”

Mandalas by Seniors in a recent workshop. Paper and coloured pencils.

"My life has changed so much, with a lot of loss. I feel more myself after being creative and sharing with others"
Kelly D
"I benefitted from taking this time to take care of myself, my spirit. I feel calmer."
Danielle B

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