Monica Armstrong


As an experienced spiritual director and visual artist, I have been fulfilling my mission of helping people grow in wisdom and creativity for 2 decades.

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My beginnings in southern New Jersey were in a large and loving Irish Catholic family in a 3 bedroom house.

A big sister with ten siblings, I learned early to observe, listen, teach, and most of all be a peacemaker.

Thus, I learned the interior, spiritual life that nourishes creativity and strengthens me to overcome difficulties.

In my twenties, I strove to be a great painter, my thirties and forties, a great mother.

By my fifties, I longed for wisdom.

Now, I desire to share the life of the spirit, the joy of creating, and the rewards of both with others.

Today, my Spirit Matters Studio classes and retreats inform and inspire those who long for creative and spiritual enrichment.

Past Present Future, Life-sized Painting, © M.Armstrong

Creation of classes, workshops, and retreats is my chance to share the experience of peacefulness that comes from combining creativity with a spiritual perspective.

In my private spiritual direction practice, individuals gain a deeper and more meaningful connection to their higher power and access their soul’s wisdom.

I companion both persons of diverse beliefs about God (or lack thereof) and those with former or current religious affiliations and practices.

Making art, massive family gatherings, daily woodsy walks (and talks) with my dog, and gardening are my pleasures.

Nature’s diversity and great books inspire my painting. I have shown my art in over 100 exhibitions, both group and one person. My murals, interior, and exterior live on both coasts.

Below are a few examples of some of my work:

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As one of the authors of Your Shift Matters, I share my incredible story with the world.


Each of the books’ authors writes about our experiences of overcoming adversity and facing tough challenges. We write about experiences that truly left us broken to the point where all we were doing was merely surviving.

Our heartfelt, raw, and real stories will bring tears to your eyes. They will touch your heart and stir your soul. You will be in awe of my co-authors’ amazing courage.

It is through our stories that we hope to inspire you to shift beyond merely surviving to a life where you are truly thriving!

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