What Is Spiritual Direction

I highly recommend Spiritual Direction sessions with Monica to all of those who are looking for meaning in their lives and a deeper more meaningful relationship with God.”   
              ~ Danica Roki, Chile 


  • Discovering the presence of the divine in your life
  • Renewal or deepening of faith, hope, and love
  • Guidance through spiritual practices and methods of prayer
  • Support and encouragement in all life’s spiritual struggles with relationships, family, work, choices, goals, dreams, loss, illness, grief, recovery, religious teachings, etc

How Spiritual Direction Works

In spiritual direction you are companioned as you explore your spiritual journey in an accepting and nonjudgmental environment. You may schedule sessions as needed, as long as you find it beneficial. Sessions are one hour.  

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 
8 AM to 1 PM 

8 AM to Noon

Free Discovery Session
30 minutes via phone, Skype or FaceTime

Contact Monica to schedule an appointment. 
Email:  monica@monicaarmstrong.com
Phone:  215.206.3187

Half and full day art studio workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year.   

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