Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the care of the spirit.

The goal is liberation of the spirit.

The focus is on helping you become more attuned to the truth, love, and the spiritual wisdom deep within your soul.

It is a time to discover the Divine and recognize the sacred present in your life. 

You will come to know and understand the life changing power of your will when united with the Divine Spirit.

The Opening
The Opening
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Spiritual direction brings hope, gratitude, and love forward while wrestling with suffering and purpose.

Beneficial to those experiencing burnout and loss of motivation, it can help cope with life events such as cancer, divorce, physical injuries, and grief over losses.

For those who wish to awaken or increase their creativity, spiritual direction offers inspiration, encouragement and insight.

It is an opportunity to reflect and respond to the vague stirrings, unanswerable questions and insatiable longings in deep, sacred conversation.

Both persons of diverse beliefs about God (or lack thereof) and those with former or current religious affiliations and practices receive spiritual support.

Waiting, Wondering ©M.Armstrong

Waiting, Wondering
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All are welcome to express spiritual experiences in whatever language or imagery most closely describes your experiences and the thoughts and feelings evoked within. For example, something that conveys a sense of “destiny,” “meaning,” or something magical.

You will develop, broaden and deepen your own vocabulary of the sacred, names of God, ability to bless others, so you can seek and accept healing for yourself and others.

Individual consultations are offered. Private group sessions can also be arranged.

Do you have the will to receive from the Spirit?
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Sacred Spark
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Spirituality is an essential component of human health and wellness.

There are many paths to the heart of the Divine, and many crossroads along the way. An experienced guide will help you reach your destination – a life of meaning and purpose.

May you be well. May you have peace. May you have joy.

If you value spirituality in some form, including prayer, meditation or a sense of connection to something larger than yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a complimentary thirty-minute discovery session.

"I highly recommend Spiritual Direction sessions with Monica to all of those who are looking for meaning in their lives and a deeper more meaningful relationship with God."   
Danica Roki

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