About Monica

Monica Armstrong, BA, GCHS, CSD

As an experienced spiritual director and visual artist, I have been fulfilling my mission of helping people grow in wisdom and creativity for 2 decades.

  • Gain wisdom to give more meaning and purpose to your life journey.
  • Awaken, claim and nourish your creative spirit.
  • Discover pathways of peace within, in relationships and in work life.


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Spiritual Direction

I am learning new ways to pray and gaining a more spiritual, positive perspective on my life.”

                                                           ~ Gerry W

  • Are you searching for a deeper connection to your Higher Power, your true self and to others, as well as greater peace, meaning and purpose in your life?
  • Are you yearning to discover or renew your creativity?
  • Would you like spiritual direction from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world by Skype or FaceTime?
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Talks, Workshops & Presentations

A wonderful experience — a time to experience prayer through art.  A time to come closer to your own spirituality.”  

                                 ~Workshop Participant

  • Have you lost touch with your divine inheritance?
  • Want to awaken your creativity?
  • Want a powerful and joyous way to connect with your higher power and your soul?

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Healing The Spirit Through Art

Monica is an accomplished multi-media artist who is inspired by the spiritual.  Her images articulate the unique aspects of the feminine spiritual journey, the often unexplored inner territory of the soul.