What if you could start to feel more

peace and purpose

today … and every day going forward?

Spiritual awareness and awakened creativity are proven sources of
inner peace and meaning in life
. With spiritual direction and creativity practices you’ll learn to tap into your own spiritual gifts, reach your creative potential, and give rise to more meaning and inner peace.

Spiritual direction is the practice of reverential listening. The director listens with you, to the quiet voice of the divine, God’s voice, offering loving encouragement to you, to be who you really are…a sacred soul, a person with a purpose and gifts the world needs.

I’m Monica Armstrong, Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader and a nationally exhibited visionary artist. I will show you how to recognize your own wisdom and ways to break open your untapped spiritual strengths and creativity bringing more peace into every aspect of your life.

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Gain wisdom to give more meaning and purpose to your life journey.

Awaken, claim and nourish your creative spirit.

Discover pathways of peace within, in relationships and in work life.

I offer 3 key ways to Raise Spirits and Awaken Creativity

Senior Serenity

What if you could help distressed seniors feel more peaceful, experience more happiness… today, and throughout the week?

Offered to Seniors in Senior Care facilities, the Senior Serenity Program instills a sense of calm and meaning to daily life, resulting in happier, healthier residents.

This is an effective remedy to the effects of social isolation.

Serenity Mandala © M.Armstrong

Spiritual Direction

Spirituality is an essential component of human health and wellness. I would be honored to guide you on your spiritual journey.

There are many paths to the heart of the Divine, and many crossroads along the way. An experienced guide will help you reach your destination – a life of meaning and purpose.

Healing the Spirit Classes & Retreats

Enjoy relaxing, guided art workshops that bring calm, peace and joy. Monica is an expert at guiding the healing of the spirit through art and creativity.

In these classes you will move towards freedom from a past distorted and limiting self-images of your sacred self, to acquire uplifting knowledge and inspiration so that you will gain more meaning and joy from daily life.

Meet Monica

As an accomplished artist specializing in spiritual works that draw on the lessons of life, I desired to share the life of the spirit, the joy of creating, and the rewards of both.

My studio classes and retreats inform and inspire those who long for creative and spiritual enrichment.

Monica the Artist

Monica has been creating art for over 40 years. Here is just a small sample.

Original artwork and prints are available to purchase.

“Her art perfectly embodies the place where nature, the human and the divine meet.”
Tilden Edwards

Copyright © 2021 Monica Armstrong