Monica Armstrong, BA, GCHS, CSD

As an experienced spiritual director and visual artist, I have been fulfilling my mission of helping people grow in wisdom and creativity for 2 decades.

    • Gain wisdom to give more meaning and purpose to your life journey.
    • Awaken, claim and nourish your creative spirit.
    • Discover pathways of peace within, in relationships and in work life

Spirit Portraits

Remember the Joy!

Though everyone’s experience is unique, I understand the grief one feels.

Our pets give unconditional love, total acceptance, comfort and laughter. Mourning the loss is key to healing.  Express your feelings about your special pet relationship with master artist and spiritual director, Monica Armstrong, GCHS, CSD.

From your story and photos, I will create a portrait of your pet’s spirit. Keep the Spirit of your companion alive with a priceless experience of emotional and creative depth that celebrates the love you shared.

Talks, Workshops & Presentations

A wonderful experience — a time to experience prayer through art.  A time to come closer to your own spirituality.”  

                                 ~Workshop Participant

  • Have you lost touch with your divine inheritance?
  • Want to awaken your creativity?
  • Want a powerful and joyous way to connect with your higher power and your soul?

Upcoming Events 

Healing The Spirit Through Art

Monica is an accomplished multi-media artist who is inspired by the spiritual.  Her images articulate the unique aspects of the feminine spiritual journey, the often unexplored inner territory of the soul.