Watching and Waiting

Our Advent season is a time of making peace with the darkness, while preparing ourselves for the coming of a newborn. It is the Christ we wait for ; the teacher who shows us the way of love, a life of compassion and healing. 

Have you ever prayed for help with something then waited, waited and waited for an answer? I have ; wrapping my self in hope while watching for a sign that help was on the way. Some times I  have felt the need to stand sentinel, looking out for it’s arrival even if I don’t know what that help might be. At times I am not even looking in the right direction, but instead am turned away from the fire and it’s warmth and Light, peering into darkness with fear. Can you relate?

Here is a little prayer that may help break through the impatience:

O Holy One,
I wait and watch for You
to open my mind to your eternal Presence
to open my eyes to see you acting through your people
to open my heart to all the love in my life
I wait and watch for You through the long night
You will bring me to the dawn.

Friends, I wait with you through the dark night- and will rejoice at the coming of the “newborn” hope for justice and compassion that will come when each of us opens up to the Presence of God in all of nature and all of humanity… and then become the “sign” for each other by our actions.