An Easter Prayer of Peace and Healing

“Eternal Listener, give heed to your people,
You, who are our guide and our Light!
You who dwell amidst the angels,
Shine forth into the heart of all nations!
Enliven the people with your passion ,
That peace and justice may flourish….
Restore us O Holy One; let your face shine upon us,
teach us to Love!” 
 ~Psalms for Praying, Nan Merrill

In the luminous heart of the Peaceful Cross, outshining the deep blue of the cosmos, the Christ, offering peace, healing and reconciliation to all that is not in right relationship. The shining wings of the Holy Spirit breaks through the rosy mist, bestowing grace.The figures of Man and Woman each approach the Christ through dissolving clouds of fear and confusion. Our souls are drawn to the Light of Love and forgiveness. A circle of gold embraces all creation with the Presence of the Creator.