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Playing and painting, starting from sacred texts for inspiration.
Wisdom Flows Like a River- of watercolors! Playing and painting, starting from sacred texts for inspiration.


Apostle or Whore?  The Mystery of Mary Magdalene

Sunday, May 20, 2018  |  10:30-4:30pm 

  • Are you undernourished by a faith tradition that does not honor your sacred feminine soul?
  • Are you fed up with the same old patriarchal stories based on fear of women, judgment, and sin?
  • TIME’S UP! on trashing the Beloved Companion of Jesus.

Mary Magdalene was the first woman apostle. Surprised? Not a whore? Come and hear the truth of this leader, beloved by Jesus. Drawing from the revelations discovered by multiple feminist scholars of the past 30 years this workshop is calling Time’s Up! on denial of her holy truth.

Join me to reclaim her reputation, her wisdom, her strength of spirit AND yours in the struggle to change life in “a man’s world”.

In a unique 1-day workshop, learn her story from her own gospel. Explore it with multiple creative exercises and be nourished and strengthened by this beautiful soul, Mary, a woman of action and deep understanding of Christ’s message of love and respect for women.

Sunday, May 20, 2018, 10:30-4:30pm 

Early Bird Special:  $147.00 by May 11, 2018
($197.00 After May 11th)

All art supplies included. Bring a friend FREE!

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Monica’s Meetup Groups

Dream Time

This is a monthly dream group.  It is for those who want to explore the meaning of their dreams. Monica has facilitated dream groups for many years and they are endlessly rich with good news!  An unexamined dream is like an unopened letter from your soul!!

Join us for fascinating tales of the inner life, thoughtful discussion and heady moments of wondrous insight.  Dream a lot, dream a little — come and discover the hidden meanings.

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Sophia’s Sunday Salons

Want support for your creative project? Meet Up with a group of creatives who share the challenges and joys of their work.  

Spiritual but not religious?  We will explore ways to tap into our best resource— our inner spirit!

Creating like mad or blocked?  Let’s hear about it. Share your work in progress with those who value creativity. Engage in inspirational and motivating exercises. Respectful, supportive feedback happens here!  

Meet in my studio, 3rd Sunday of the month for hospitality, community and inspiration. Bring something to share: an idea, artwork, a song, a poem —whatever intrigues and motivates your creativity.

All disciplines and all levels welcome.

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Sophia’s Circle — Playful, Creative, Spiritual Afternoons

This group is for you if you want to gain your birthright — joyful creativity, wisdom and inner strength.

Join this soulful circle of women as we support the creativity, liberation and empowerment of each other. This circle is grounded in spirituality, sacred texts and inspirational material. We use simple art materials, creativity exercises, movement and reflection to explore our true selves.

Discover Wisdom Sophia, the Spirit of the Feminine Divine, hidden in plain sight in the bible and within each of us.

No art or creative experience necessary. 

Monica Armstrong, Artist, Educator and Spiritual Director will facilitate uplifting, energizing, joyfully creative experiences.

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