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Playing and painting, starting from sacred texts for inspiration.
Wisdom Flows Like a River- of color at Spirit Matters Studio! Playing and painting, the art of the soul starts with sacred texts for inspiration and flows into a guided art project.


Are you undernourished by a faith tradition that does not honor your sacred feminine soul?

Are you fed up with the same old patriarchal stories based on fear of women, judgment, and sin?  The Women of Spirit workshops are designed for you!

Spit It Out!   April 14, 2019   1-4      

All materials included, bring a friend free!

Reserve your spot: https://paypal.me/spiritmattersstudio?locale.x=en_US                 $47  Registration: Enter name email for you and guest in notes box

“Monica’s style of guidance brings a depth and knowledge of spiritual history and creative process. The stories she shares about the feminine divine are not just information, they go deep into the heart and soul.” Mary G

     Soul Play Sunday, May 19, 2019, 1-4

A  Playful, Creative, Spiritual Afternoon. This is for you if you want to regain your playful side- and experience joyful creativity and encouragement.

Reserve your spot: https://paypal.me/spiritmattersstudio?locale.x=en_US                $47.
“I didn’t even know that I needed it but found these workshops gave me  support in my spiritual life. Participating in Women of Spirit has changed me, I’m becoming more confident in myself, my spirit; I’m reaching out more for wisdom, practicing reflection. I’m better able to respond not just react in a difficult situation.”  Mary G

•Have you lost touch with your dreams and goals? 

 •Feeling stalled and don’t know what to focus on to move forward?

•Do you feel like you are juggling too much at once?

Take a day to pause and renew at Spirit Matters Studio:

Intuition, Illumination, Intention
Sunday May 5,2019 2019  9-4 
This daylong workshop will guide you through a proven intuitive process to tap your intuition about what is most important for you to attend to right now.

   Discover what you can put aside for now and what needs to come forward to reach your goals. A creative experience combines illumination with deep reflection while designing a plan to move forward as you set your intentions for wholeness, better relationships, renewal of dreams and action steps to meet your goals.

Space is Limited, Reserve your spot today- https://paypal.me/spiritmattersstudio?locale.x=en_US
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Women of Spirit brings you  Playful, Creative, Spiritual Afternoons. This group is for you if you want to gain your birthright — joyful creativity, wisdom and inner strength. 

“Monica’s style of guidance brings a depth and knowledge of spiritual history and creative process. The stories she shares about the feminine divine are not just information, they go deep into the heart and soul.” Mary G

Join this soulful circle of women as we support the creativity, liberation, and empowerment of each other. This circle is grounded in spirituality, sacred texts, and inspirational material. We use simple art materials, creativity exercises, movement, and reflection to explore our true selves.Discover Wisdom Sophia, the Spirit of the Feminine Divine, hidden in plain sight in the bible and within each of us.

So grateful for Sophia! I attended 2 group meetings so far and let me tell you, this isn’t just a group or a talk – it’s a heart to heart. I’m an introvert and don’t feel comfortable speaking in group settings but with a group of magnificent women who are transparent in the moment created a space for me to actually want to share and engage. It really is soul expanding. And I always walk away empowered. This is a nonjudgmental safe space to connect to the feminine divine within ❤️ and to connect with other beautiful souls.”M.P.

Reserve your spot: https://paypal.me/spiritmattersstudio?locale.x=en_US

Spirit Matters Studio presents  Monica Armstrong, Artist, Educator, and Spiritual Director,  facilitator of uplifting, energizing, joyfully creative experiences for over 20 years. 



Wisdom for Women’s Spirits

Meet Sophia Wisdom, the feminine Divine in scripture, learn the truth about Mary Magdalene, hear the inspiring stories and wisdom from women of spirit throughout time in their own words, from their own experiences. recognize your own story of struggle and faith in theirs. Be guided in reflection, creative activities and discussions in a warm, inviting sanctuary for creativity and women’s spirituality: join my mailing list to receive upcoming events and inspirational notes.

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