The Ticket Home for Christmas

We ask our friends and family “what do you want for Christmas?” and they in turn ask us. How often is the reply  “I don’t know”?  The question is usually followed by a mention of a few items to fill out our closets, our time, our minds.

But is that true, really true? Do we want more stuff? Is that truly what we long for?

I suspect it is not. The refrain “I’ll be home for Christmas” is perhaps closer to the truth. The home we long for is embedded in a distant memory of sitting on a broad lap. It is the  sense of being held securely, lovingly, whilst lights, like stars, twinkle in the dark, the world at our fingertips.

We in our infancy, seeing everything, judging nothing, are delighted by all; we were made brave by the safe embrace of one who loves us. Love claimed us, held us, strengthened us.

This Christmas ask for the gift of feeling the Love of the Holy One. The love of the Mother Father God that is waiting for you to settle in. It is there, free for the asking- ready for you to climb into the biggest, safest, warmest lap of all.

Let yourself be there quietly, like a sleepy child and feel the Presence in which you are already surrounded. There  you will find the gift you really wanted all along.