The Energy Booster

The Eternal Connection to Spirit

 “Child care, eldercare, everything-else-care – I was well and truly drained.”

An unexpected respite, for a few days, suddenly appeared and I jumped on it like a life boat. It was a meditation retreat focused on the mind-body-spirit connection. A novice at meditation, I admit I wasn’t always fully awake during all the different  sessions. (what, me snore?) Still, it was very restorative to be there, bringing my mind and sore heart to rest for a bit. On the last morning someone lead a meditation on the theme of connections. 

It was then I experienced the vision depicted in the painting Eternal Connection. It came in the form of a feeling, as if I were the tree itself. I could feel my massive and intricate roots reaching through clay to the fiery core; the sparks of divine energy flashing above my branches stretching to the sky. A rush of brilliant colored energy flowed from top to bottom and back again, intersecting and increasing in power.

That pure flow of joyous energy connected me to the shining nimbus of Light, the source of creativity. Swirling iridescent energy radiating from heaven and returned by earth, was divinity in it’s eternal movement through all life.

 It was a week before I was able to get to my studio and begin to sketch it out on the largest canvas I had; months to complete the vision in full color and feeling. I was completely energized by the time I finished creating the image in oil paint.


There is an Energy Boost available to each of us. It requires only a few moments to  aquire. As simple as this:
  • quieting, feet on the ground
  • visualizing oneself pulling earth energy through the feet
  •  and divine energy through the head or raised arms;
  • allowing ourselves to connect to and
  • accept the gifts of being in the  Presence of the Divine Spirit.
So , when you need an energy  boost-  try it ….you might like it!


Monica Armstrong