The Artist

Monica Armstrong’s art is an celebration of the mystery and longing for true connection with the divine within. The images articulate the unique aspects of the feminine spiritual journey, the often unexplored inner territory of the soul.

Monica earned a degree in Art Education from Moore College of Art, studied Painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, moved to Bucks County, Pa and worked with Jacques Fabert, Director Emeritus of Painting and Drawing at California School of Arts and Crafts, focused on figure painting.

Spirit Matters Studio

She has created 150 artworks inspired by sacred texts which are exhibited regionally and nationally. A unique series of 25 handmade Prayer Vessels embody spiritual wisdom arising from the history of the Christian tradition. Each vessel is accompanied by a prayer collection and guides for reflection.

Monica has worked with many different populations as a teacher, artist, and Program Development and Director. She has been leading workshops and retreats in spirituality and creativity for over 20 years, both in her Woodbury, NJ studio and in retreat houses.

Healing Art