Interactive Presentations

Friendly, communal, a calm day, a prayerful, meditative experience.”
                              ~Workshop participant

Interactive  Programs for Your Group

    • Presented at your facility or Spirit Matters Studio
    • Talk –  1 hour
    • Add A Creative Activity – 3 hours

What Is Wisdom?

Presents the 7 characteristics of wisdom, according to the Books of Wisdom in scripture.  Crucial in an age of information overload. 

What Is Spiritual Direction?

An overview of what spiritual direction is, how it differs from psychological counseling, pastoral counseling and New Age coaching. 

Prayer of The Heart 

Sometimes called Christian Meditation or Centering Prayer, it has an ancient history and contemporary value. This is a way to quiet the worrying mind and feel the Presence of God in the moment. 

3 Creative Ways to Pray 

Sometimes when we pray we feel restless and bored, unable to feel our connection to God. Discover 3 ways to enliven and refresh your conversation with God. 

The Prayer of Gazing 

Images can express what words cannot. Learn how to use sacred and nature images to enrich your prayer life. 

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