I’m Spring Feverish

It’s snowing and blowing white crystals outside my creaking windows. Yet, fleeting pops of blue catch my eye and my spirit hops up in hope. The frenzied wind whips sugar frosted branches, each flaunting the tiniest buds of future green perfection. They hold tight, trusting in fruition to come.

I think to myself- that’s how I feel too. I’m on the brink of my own personal spring. Even though this season is cold and colorless, inside I’m filled with a warming energy and desire to nurture the seeds that are hibernating within.

I’m spring feverish to shed old, played out ideas of who I am, to clear the way for what I want to do with my gifts and challenges going forward. I count on my fever to learn,  change and grow to generate the energy that will burn away the tendrils of limiting ideas, deep rooted weeds too long tolerated.

My spring fever will keep me going till the days are warm and welcoming .

I invite you to take a few moments to sit at the window and be warmed by the fever of your own inner desire for more- for a fresh beginning and  the coming blossoming into Who You Really Are .

Love , Monica