Pet Spirit Portraits

Rascal Rex, Snoopy, Bijou and Bobbie; preserving joyful loving memories of unique personalities.
Petey the Parrot, flew into his owner’s heart and never left. M. Armstrong © 9″x12″ pencil drawing
Sweet Serafina , feminine, affectionate, ready for a cuddle. M.Armstrong© 9″x12″ Drawing  
Spirit Portraits c
apture the essence
and spirit of a beloved pet forever.

In their short lives, our pet’s shower us with the gift of unconditional love, total acceptance, comfort and laughter.

Spirit Portraits of these special family members, honor the importance of that loving relationship
 and celebrate the personality and inner beauty of your pet forever.

From your story and photos, I will create a portrait of your pet’s spirit. Keep the Spirit of your companion alive with a priceless experience of emotional and creative depth that celebrates the love you shared.
 Share your photos and your stories about your special pet with master artist and spiritual director, Monica Armstrong, GCHS, CSD.

  • Schedule your 45 minute interview session (in person or online) with Monica.
  • Provide 1 or more good quality photos of your pet.
  • Recieve 2 time lapse videos of the art in progress.
  • Receive your Spirit Portrait, a unique personalized design in 4-6 weeks of interview.
  • Bereavement Support upon request.                   
  • Taxes, insurance and Shipping (USA) included

Created with Fine Art  Archival Materials 
11” x 14” 
Painting on canvas   $597. 
            9″x 12″  Archival Color Drawing    $497.                  
Gift Certificates and Payment Plans Available
 For larger sizes or to add another pet :

Text :        215 206 3187

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