Anticipation: Waiting with Patience

Feather on the Breath of God

Clothed in robes of red, the color of passion and transforming energy, Mary reaches out for the feather floating on the breath of God. She has readied herself to accept the gift of the Incarnation with clear eyes and an open heart. Mary chooses patience. She now enters the time of waiting and anticipation, facing the difficulties of her situation with the peace of heart that comes with trust in God’s good will towards her.

St Hildegard of Bingen  describes her longings thus:  to be as Mary was, deeply trusting in God’s presence and direction in her life.Trusting too, that whatever may come she will have the strength to face and embrace life.

We wait, all of us, for better times, for fulfillment of our hopes and dreams. How  we wait is where we diverge. Some worry, some try to hurry things along, some sit in the dark near despair.

A choice we could make to ease our anxiety, is one of patience. Oh, that dreaded word of my impatient youth. I have learned that patience, gained by way of making an intentional choice, places the heart in a state of preparation and anticipation. Patience  can transform the dragging hours of fearful thoughts into a calm progress towards the future yet unknown. It offers the opportunity to contemplate the joys of what is to come, to savor the slow unfolding of the gift life is offering.

Gift yourself with some time each day to simply sit quietly for 5 minutes in quiet waiting for whatever your heart desires. Breathing deeply, release your grip on fearful thoughts and allow God to move within your spirit to bring you ever closer to the possibilities that can come to birth with your life.

Life speeds by this time of year, making us all anxious and feeling that we are missing something at the same time we are trying to do everything our customs and families expect.

This year, take the time to tune into your own hopes for a peaceful heart and to BE the blessing you ARE for all whom you love .

Peace, Monica