Busy or Buzzy?

Therhe birds and the bees are appearing every e, busy and buzzy. The mission is joy. The joy of being! The red cardinal is hanging out on the apple tree, proclaiming his status in the garden.  Abundant purple azalea blossoms, silent trumpets of color, herald  big fat b umble bees as they wobble from one to the next. There is a warbler singing his song of spring just outside the window.




 Unlike many of my paintings there is no symbolism, no deeper meaning. It is simply an artist’s way to spend some time and attention on the gift of spring.

Such abundance, such an overflowing of life- such joy in simple sun, warmth and movement requires a response. Appreciation, gratitude… yes! but even more it wakes me up to the unstinting gifts of our earth, poured out to all. What a buzz!

The cost of admission to this great show is in the pocket of everyone- a few minutes of time, a pause to open the eyes of the heart. You may have to dig deep to find those minutes, but you will never regret spending them receiving the blessings of the earth, the sensual softness of the spring, the sweetness of the very air.

 “I saw two birds on a limb this morning
  laughing with the sun.
  they reminded me of how
  we will one day exist.”
My dear, the poet Hafiz tells us, “our hearts are meant to sing”
Excerpted from “The Gift.”..Poems by Hafiz, the Great Sufi Master